Did Megan Fox Express Regret Over Skipping a 'Leonardo DiCaprio Phase'?

Megan Fox, an actress in her thirties, admitted in an interview with Racket NYC that she sometimes wishes she were younger.

The talk revolved around her recent poetry book, "Pretty Boys Are Poisonous," where Fox went into her observations on her history and the journey towards embracing personal growth.

The Transformers actress joked about embracing her wild side, but she also delivered a serious message about the value of introspection.

Fox emphasized the significance of treating oneself with kindness and refraining from critical introspection. She said, "I should be kinder to myself," after realizing that every event, good and bad, contributed to her growth. After being asked what piece of advice she would give her 22-year-old self, Fox said, "I would have lived out my Leonardo DiCaprio phase."

In retrospect, Fox revealed how the "pretty girl" label conflicted with her sense of herself when she first entered Hollywood. Raised in the Pentecostal Church and originally a 'goth' youngster, Fox avoided conforming to mainstream standards. In spite of her early career loneliness, the actor remained confident in the power of her genuineness and honesty.

Fox, who is well-known for her strong stance against misogyny, has admitted that her delivery could have been better. She admitted that she has a sarcastic sense of humor that isn't always in line with public relations norms and that she needs to find a better approach to get her point across. After all, Fox did say, "My delivery may not have been the best, but I was on the right side of the universe."

Fox, who is a mother of three and engaged to the singer Machine Gun Kelly, gave advice on how to break free from destructive habits. When asked to reflect on violent relationships in the past, she said that the healing process had helped her become a more involved parent. When asked to elaborate, Fox said, "I'm more helpful to other people after I heal myself."

Megan Fox's journey of self-discovery and perseverance as she deals with her complicated history is inspiring.