Niko Omilana Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend

Niko Omilana Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend


NameNikolas Omilana
Nick NamesNikolas
Date of BirthMarch 04, 1998
Age26 years old
Place of BirthStaffordshire
Country -
Nationality English
Gender Male
Ethnicity -
Sign of Birth Pisces
Profession Youtube Star
Net Worth $1.1 Million

Niko Omilana was born on February 4, 1998, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He is a British YouTuber, social media personality, and filmmaker. Niko Omilana is a YouTuber and social media personality based in the United Kingdom. He is well-known for posting parody and prank videos on his YouTube channel. So far, he has amassed over four million website subscribers.


Marital statussingle
GirlFriend single

Physical Appearance

  • In Centimeters -
  • In Meters -
  • In Feet Inches - 6 Feet 0 Inches
  • In Pound - 163 lbs
  • In Kilogram -
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size-
  • Age: 24 years old (as of 2022, so likely 26 years old in 2024) - born March 4, 1998
  • Family:
    • Parents and other family members unknown (though a video titled "SURPRISING, MY MUM, WITH MY A-LEVEL RESULTS!!! (WRONGFUL)" exists on Facebook)
    • Marital Status: Unconfirmed, rumored to have 2 wives (not confirmed by Niko)
  • Friends: Known for his squad consisting of 4 members: Chunkz, Aj Shabeel, Sharky, and KingKennyTv


  • Started YouTube channel in 2011 (currently Niko Omilana)
  • Gained fame through entertaining videos including skits, FIFA gameplay, parodies, pranks, and vlogs.
  • First video in 2014 titled "Morgan Freeman Song" received over 74k views (as of unspecified press time).
  • Founding member of the NDL Movement (Niko Defence League).
  • Former employee of Buzzfeed (reason for NDL Movement unclear).
  • BETA member of his squad (meaning unconfirmed).
  • Most popular video: "SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT" with 3.8 million views (as of unspecified press time).
  • Other attention-grabbing videos include:
    • "I RUINED This YouTuber’s Career For a Joke…"
    • "RICH KIDS VS BROKE KIDS (High School Edition)"
  • Collaborated with YouTubers: Chunkz, Sharky, KingKennyTv, Aj Shabeel, The Zac And Jay Show.
  • Featured in video titled "SIDEMEN YOUTUBE AWARDS 2018" and received shoutout from the Sidemen.


  • Controversies:
    • Used the term "nonce" (British slang for pedophile) to refer to Jake and Logan Paul, their father, and Shannon Briggs.
    • Blocked by DAZN for his behavior at the KSI vs. Logan Paul fights.
    • Ejected from the arena during the AnEsonGib vs. Jake Paul fight (possibly due to being blocked by DAZN).
    • Not confirmed to be involved in any personal scandals.
  • Personal Life (unverified information):
    • Relationship Status: Unknown (rumored to be single based on online sources).
    • Dating History: No public information available.
    • Family:
      • Parents: Identity and details kept private.
      • Reason for Privacy: Possibly to protect them from online harassment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Nikolas?

Nikolas's total net worth is around $1.1 Million.

How old is Nikolas?

Currently, Nikolas Omilana is 26 years old (Mar 04, 1998).

What is the height of Nikolas?

The height of Nikolas is m. (6 Feet 0 Inches).

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