Robin Gunningham Net Worth, House, Wife, Wiki, Bio

Robin Gunningham Net Worth, House, Wife, Wiki, Bio


NameRobin Gunningham
Date of BirthJanuary 01, 1973
Age51 years old
Place of Birth-
Country -
Nationality -
Gender Female
Ethnicity -
Sign of Birth -
Profession -
Net Worth -

Robin, born in 1973 Bristol, also known to be Banksy's long-supposed stomping ground, he went to public school Bristol Cathedral School.


  • Banksy's real name is Robin Gunningham, also known as Robbie to close friends.
    • Banksy's wife is Joy Millward, a former lobbyist.
    • Millward and Gunningham were married in 2006 and are known to be very private.
    • Banksy's true identity is a well-kept secret, with only a close circle knowing the truth.
    • Robin Gunningham was born in Bristol, which aligns with Banksy's believed hometown.


Marital status-

Physical Appearance

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Hair Color-
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  • Family:
    • Father: Peter Gordon Gunningham (retired contracts manager)
    • Mother: Pamela Ann Dawkin-Jones (company director's secretary)
    • Sister: Sarah (older)
  • Childhood:
    • Lived in Whitehall area of Bristol
    • Moved to a larger home on the same street at age 9
    • Developed interest in graffiti during formative years


  • Joy Millward: Wife of Robin Gunningham, linked with Banksy
  • Gunningham has maintained silence regarding his identity, as has Joy Millward
  • Met Gunningham in 2003, started working as a researcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell
  • Got married in Las Vegas three years later
  • Lived in an isolated community with minimal interaction with neighbors
  • Joy Millward's profession: lobbyist in the United Kingdom
  • Founded Principle Affairs in 2005, supporting charities
  • Limited disclosure about their true identities, even to close acquaintances
  • Gunningham and Millward have been married for 17 years since their 2006 wedding
  • In 2008, The Mail on Sunday named Gunningham as Banksy
  • Gunningham's background suggests a middle-class suburban lifestyle rather than a rebellious persona


Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Robin Gunningham?

Currently, Robin Gunningham is 51 years old (Jan 01, 1973).

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